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What is it like to do God's will?

Apologies if the title of this posting implies that you, the reader, don’t know what doing God’s will is like - I know that many readers of this blog are far more advanced in this path than I am. What the posting is about is my own discoveries about what it’s like after two days’ experience - some of these discoveries have been surprising.

So here’s a list in no particular order of my impressions:

  1. I was astonished at the speed at which God has been bringing order back into my life. My email and paper backlogs have vanished as if by magic. My office is starting to look tidy for the first time for ages. Loose ends have been tidied up and things are no longer left lying around after I’ve used them.
  2. Time seems to have expanded to a remarkable degree. The day has become leisurely instead of fraught. I have had time to do things I have not been finding time for lately, such as reading. I’ve got going again on a whole heap of books which I’d started but abandoned. And most remarkable of all (for me!), I’ve been going to bed at around 10.30 p.m. instead of well after midnight.
  3. I’ve found myself turning naturally to God in prayer during the day. Sometimes this has been about an issue in the news or in response to some trigger. One of the local Baptist ministers died yesterday after an operation. He was a fine man, and I made a point of saying the Office of the Dead for him.
  4. My life seems to have become much simpler. There have been so many unnecessary actions making up my days - they all were abandoned. It wasn’t just actions either: I have been finding my thought processes are much simpler. I don’t get into long involved trains of thought anything like so much - and if I do find my mind wandering I just bring it back to God.
  5. And no, I didn’t manage perfect peace and tranquillity all the time. Yesterday I exploded when Outlook crashed just as I’d completed a rather complicated email, losing the lot. But after a minute or two’s raging, I remembered that all I had to do was raise my eyes for a moment to the Divine Master. Then I just calmly went back to writing the email again and found myself of a sudden quite unbothered.
  6. Most of the time though the greatest impression has been one of peace. Doing God’s will and nothing but God’s will involves trusting God absolutely. And who or what else is there that is more to be trusted?

Deo gratias et Maria

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