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The Will to Love

One of the points made by Fr. Schryvers in The Gift of Oneself is that our will is always about love.

The life of the will, its need, its irresistible tendency, is to love. If the love is regulated, the whole will is good, the entire man is good. If the love is not regulated, the whole will is perverse, the entire man is bad.
Chapter 3, Article 5

This is an amazing insight. If we ask ourselves “What am I loving when I do this?” we will have an explanation for all sorts of behaviours. Why am I writing this post? Because I love sounding off, because I love being admired, because I love having an audience, because I love showing off, because I love putting other people right, because I love demonstrating how holy or clever I am (preferably both).

This is what Fr. Schryvers in the extract above calls a “perverse” will.

But if my answer is “because I love God”, then my will is going to be a holy will.

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