Friday, January 25, 2008 at 04:46PM
Si Fractus Fortis in God's Will, Mary, Sanctity



One thing that you can be sure of if you make a serious attempt to attain sanctity is that the Devil will suddenly start taking notice of you. Instead of trying to lull you to sleep as in the past, he will make determined and continuous assaults on you.

I always used to wonder why the saints used to complain about the Devil tempting them with horrible and blasphemous thoughts. I used to wonder this until I entered the battlefield myself.

Our Lady told me what to do with these thoughts - don’t hide them from her - share them with her.

Initially I was reluctant to do that (some of them were definitely not the sort of thing you would wish to share with the Holy Mother of God). But when I overcame my reluctance, I found it worked. In fact as I’ve said before, Our Lady has a remarkable sense of humour. When I’ve shared the latest thought that the Devil has put in my mind, she often says “He said that?” and then we chortle together over it.

Exit Devil, stage left.

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