Saturday, January 26, 2008 at 07:27AM
Si Fractus Fortis in Prayer

The Blessed Virgin is not called Our Lady of Good Counsel for nothing. She is always giving me bits of good advice. One of these has been how to pray for people. We are not talking here about praying for the major people and situations in your life, but for more casual prayer needs which may come into your attention.

I think it’s the experience of most Christians that certain people or situations “light up” for them, in the sense that they feel called to pray for that person or situation. The problem is that often they don’t know how to do it. A few mumbled words seem inadequate somehow.

Anyway my Lady was quite specific about how to pray in such a situation. Whenever you feel called to pray for someone or something, you should hold their image in your mind, say their name and then two Ave Marias. You should continue to pray every day for that person in the same way until you feel some form of release from the burden of prayer. The ideal is a specific time of day in which you go through all the people you are currently praying for, though of course you can add to that during the day if a new situation comes to your attention.

Don’t make the list too long. Pray only for those people and situations that you feel called to pray for.

… and of course if someone asks you to pray for them.

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