The Intention Is What Counts
Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 02:31PM
Si Fractus Fortis in Daily Life, God's Will, Sanctity, Surrender

My son, you have had a hard time of it. I do appreciate your efforts to live according to my will, but the truth is that you have been going about it the wrong way.

I have told you many times that there is only one way for you. That is to commend your actions to me and then act accordingly. I gave you the example of writing these pages. Write with your actions instead of your pen.

Now, where have you been going wrong? The answer to that is crucial. You need to understand what the problem has been and the causes of it before you can put it right. But you also need to realise that nothing has been wasted. I honour any sincere attempt to follow me.

Notice when writing these pages that the INTENTION is what counts. You have the intention to write my words and to keep writing them continuously. You are fully at liberty to change your intention at any moment and there are two ways in which you can do that.

The first is that you can change your intention of writing my words and write something else. You could write in your own voice or in the voice of someone other than me. You might learn a lot by doing so, but it would no longer be my voice. You could also change the subject, but only once you have stopped writing in my voice. What I would like you to remark particularly is that you can’t change the subject while you continue to write in my voice. The subject matter is under my control. This is important for doing my will. If you are acting with the intention of letting me control your actions, then you can only do what I will. You have no control over your actions, or rather the subject matter of your actions, until you change your intention. You are however always in control of your intention.

So the “voice” in which your are writing or acting is the first way in which you can change your intention.

The second way is in the method you use to write. Your intention at the moment is to write continuously without stopping to think or worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation - and more importantly not worrying about what the end project will be like.

There are many other ways of writing of course - and you could change your intention to any one of these. You could maintain your intention of writing in my voice but change to a dialogue or a thinking and revising mode. Both of these are very different to what you are doing now: they are much less focused on the one voice. You are introducing much more of your own thoughts in your own voice. When it comes to actions rather than writing, this becomes even more the case. It is in this that your major problem has been situated.

You have frequently changed both intentions, but the one that is causing you most problem is changing your intention about the method to follow. It as if you tried to finish the three pages of notebook which you are writing now by stopping continuous writing and starting to think about what you were writing and editing it as you went along.

I would like you now to get some practice. You have a few lines to the bottom of the page. Set your alarm to five minutes and then just change your writing to actions, as if the actions were a continuation of what you are writing - then when the alarm goes off come back and see what else I have to say.


What did you do? Tidied a few things and then started preparing lunch. Did you notice how natural it felt? How lightly you could hold your intention? How you didn’t need to switch off any of your thoughts and feelings as long as you kept the action flowing? There’s nothing at all difficult about this.

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