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An Exercise in Interior Recollection

I want to return to the subject of Interior Recollection, which I last dealt with in June last year. I’ve become increasingly aware over the last few weeks about how important it is. Although it is not mentioned as such in Scripture, it is implicit in everything that is said in the Gospels and Epistles. If you read my previous posting on the subject, along with Aimee Milburn’s comment, you will have a pretty good idea of what it consists of (or, to be more precise, my understanding of what it consists of).

Interior Recollection is closely related to the concept of Surrender to God. It would be difficult to be surrendered to God without interior recollection and vice versa.

So what I am aiming to do over the next seven days is to see what degree of interior recollection I can maintain, and what effect it has on me. I’m not living in a cave in the mountains or a cell in a monastery, but instead in an ordinary house, in an ordinary town, doing ordinary things. Will I feel closer to God? What effect will it have on the fabric of my life? Will other people notice any difference? Will I succeed in maintaining recollection at all?

I intend to write a daily report on this - so let’s find out!

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