Living in God's Will
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 11:35AM
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My son, I am pleased that you have come to hear what I have to say to you. Many saints have used this method of writing down what I say to them. They do it because their only desire is to do my will and to hear from me what it is. But many others have done this exercise whose motives are not so pure. People who desire power for themselves will never hear from me rightly. It is their own desires and ideas that will be speaking.

I say this because you must always come before me in humility of heart if you wish to hear me correctly. There can be no mixed motives in your heart. Your desire must be for me and for me alone. You can so easily lead yourself astray.

How can you tell? Look into your heart and see what is there. Let the Spirit enlighten you.

If you look into your heart, what do you see? I will tell you what I see in your heart. I see a great desire for peace - and sometimes that desire for peace becomes a desire for sleep. My peace is not of this world - you must be awake.

I also see still a lack of trust in me. You have gone through a great time of testing this past year in which you have found yourself pulled in many directions. Yet in spite of all you have held firm. Build on that. Your faith is still weak. But it is there. Remember what I said about the mustard seed. Do not hold back because you think your faith is weak.

What else do I see? I still see much lusting after the things of this world, and much lusting after women too. See them as your sisters in Christ. I have no wish to stop you talking to women or being friends with them. But you must honour them. To lust after them is to degrade them in your mind.

Now I will move on to other things. There are other things in your heart which I will not deal with now. The light of the Spirit brings the darkness into light gradually so that it is not to much to bear all at once. Remember the things I have said to you: be awake, have faith, honour your sisters in the faith.

The great question you have is how to follow my will. This has been exercising you for over a year now - and for many years on and off before that.

The struggle you have been through this year has been according to my will for you. You have learnt many lessons, including faith, persistency, purity and many others. Many of these have much further to go. But there comes a time when the struggle must cease and true action in the Spirit begin.

Are you ready? Have you prepared yourself to listen? 

There are many ways of following me, just as there are many ways of writing three pages on any subject. Yet the way you have chosen to write these three pages is a model of one way of living in my will. You hear me through these pages - and in the same way you can hear me in your daily life.

First, consider that you have made a choice in what you write. You have chosen to listen to me. You are not writing about business, or love, or your day, or your other concerns. You could have chosen to write about these things, and you could also have chosen to write in the 1st person. And what’s more you can choose to change what you are writing at any moment. So you have absolute free will as to what you write, and how you write it and indeed whether you write at all. Nevertheless you have made a choice and you are keeping to it. It is not difficult to maintain that choice. You do not even have to think about it, though it is implicit in everything that you are writing now.

How are you writing? This is something you have often practised. You are writing without stopping for thought. You “keep your hand moving”. That is the way to hear what is inside you without censoring it.

So in the same way you make a choice about how you are going to live your day. It is best to do that day by day. “I will live today following God’s will”. And then act in that decision without stopping. Do not worry about what you are doing or what you have done. Let me direct you just as I am directing this writing. You may not always hear me clearly but the very act will help you to hear me better.

The secret in this is to see what you are doing as a message from me. Just as what you are writing now is a message from me, so let your actions be. It is simply a matter of seeing your actions as an extension of the writing you are doing now. You should maintain an interest in what you are doing, just as you now have an interest in what you are writing. But do not think forward or back any more than you think forward or back about what you are writing now. To stop while you were writing and think about what you were going to write next would be a mistake. But to write those thoughts would be the right thing to do.

Doing God’s Will 

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