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Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 11:39AM
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My son, you have done well so far. You learned yesterday what it means to do my will for a whole day. How many things did you do? You did much, and yet what really mattered was that you were attentive to my will. You will learn to trust me more and more, the more you persevere.

For I know what you need. And did I not say when I was on earth that your Father knows you need all these things, but seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you? You will find what I meant by this.

You worry about money and work and all manner of things but they are all quite unnecessary to worry about. Your Father knows you need them.

Are these things better off in the hands of God or in your hands?

But I know what you are thinking. “What if God does not really exist?” or “What if I am approaching God in the wrong way?”

If you do the will of my Father, which is my will too, you will know the truth of these words of mine. You need no proofs. You will find certainty by experience.

Do not worry about your doubts. Just persist. Use what faith you have and it will grow. Remember the mustard seed. How it grows until it becomes a great tree where the birds of the air take shelter.

You will know the meaning of these things with great clarity. They will no longer be just words to you, but lived experience.

Do not be afraid to trust all things into my hands. The lack of worry is a sign of a true child of mine - one who has given all things into my hands. Do not think though that every worry is a sin. My Father does not expect you to trust him to that extent without having tried him first. he will prove true. How could he be otherwise? But your minds are so steeped in the ways of the world that this sort of trust can only be learned gradually. This is why there are so few who trust me with their whole lives. But those who do are sharp instruments in the hands of the Lord.

I will use you. I will use you in ways that you cannot imagine and may often not understand. You may often not know when you are being used. But faithfulness is what I look for in an instrument. Faithfulness is more than just an intellectual belief. It is following me, no matter what.

Remember what it said in the book you were reading yesterday: see things as they affect God and not as they affect you. Is what happens for God’s glory or your own? If you follow my way, then all will be for God’s glory.

It is for God’s glory that you are writing now. It was for God’s glory that you worked and prayed yesterday, and it will be for God’s glory that you live today and every day. Provided that you make that day-by-day commitment to follow my way.

What you have discovered is how light my burden is, how easy my yoke. There is nothing difficult about it in itself, though some of the things I may ask you to do may be very difficult. My grace will always aid you and keep you strong and firm. You asked me for peace. And you have it. To the one who asks it shall be given. Do you think that I would be indiffent to your struggles, to your searching? Indeed not. They shall be greatly rewarded. I have promised that all who seek shall find, and that those who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled.

There are many ways to follow me. But it is me who must be followed. There is no other way to God. Every saint was different from every other saint. Even those whose lives seemed similar were diffent in ways that were known only to me - but different in every way that mattered. I do not want everyone to be the same. I glory in the differences of my saints. Is St Augustine the same as St Therese? Yet both are great saints, and both Doctors of the Church. And there are saints greater than these who are unknown to the world.

These things are important to know because it is me that you must follow. Not a method or a particular teacher. Did not St Paul make this clear? You are of Christ, not of Paul or Apollos. So follow my way and you will be as I want you to be. And I will use you to accomplish what I wish to accomplish. Like a good tool, you may be entirely unaware of what is being made with your help.

Do not think though that you will be unrewarded. Far from it! You will have the only reward that matters, both in this life and in the world to come.

I am your reward. What other reward would you have?

There is no other reward that will not crumble into ashes in your hands as you try to grasp it.

Be faithful. 

Doing God’s Will 

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