Going Wrong
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 02:05PM
Si Fractus Fortis in Daily Life, God's Will, Sanctity, Surrender

My son, you are worried that you have displeased me by not being faithful - and indeed you have not been faithful to what I said. But do not spend time regretting what you have and have not done. Turn rather back to me and start to walk in my ways again. That is what repentance is and my forgiveness is always given to those who are repentant.

I wish today to tell you what it is that has been going wrong with you. You need to know what to avoid, what to shun and what to follow. You also need to know how to pick yourself up again when you go wrong. Let us look at all these. 

First - where did you go wrong? The answer is a simple one. You let go of my hand. I told you exactly what you needed to do to walk in my grace and you did it for a time and then stopped. What I told you to do was two things only:

  1. give yourself to me at the beginning of each day to walk in my path
  2. believe throughout the day that you are walking in my path

Two things then: INTENTION and FAITH. That is all. Nothing else. What can be simpler than that? There is nothing more difficult about it than the intention and faith that you display in writing these pages.

When you let go of these, disaster follows. Why do you let go of them? Let us examine the reasons. There are basically two reasons. One is that you do not FEEL that you are on the right path and the other is that you do not see RESULTS. Feelings and results - did I ever tell you to follow your feelings? Or did I ever tell you to worry about results? No, indeed not.

So put out of your mind any ideas you have that you must experience a particular type of feeling or see particular types of results. Leave both your feelings and the results of your actions in my hands. That is where they belong. You will have feelings and you will have results - but it is not for you to worry about what they will be.

When you go wrong - and it will happen - how can you bring yourself back onto the right path?

From what I have been saying the answer should be obvious. Instead of feelings, have intention. Instead of results, have faith. Think of someone with the intention of climbing Everest. They may go through many extreme feelings but it is their  intention that will get them to the top, not their feelings. They may undergo many setbacks but it is their faith that will keep them going even when everything seems a disaster. So it must be with you.

As a general remark I would add that you tend to allow your imagination to make your worries and concerns seem real. You worry about money, about the state of the world, about your own sinfulness, about your work. Most of all you worry that you cannot trust yourself to see things through. And you are quite right - you cannot trust yourself. All these things should be in my hands.

All you have to do is to play your part. Have the intention to follow my Way and the faith that you are following it. And when one or the other fails, then hasten to restore it. That is all you have to do. I will say it again: that is all that you have to do. That is the golden thread that you follow and which will lead you through every situation and every circumstance. From the Valley of the Shadow of Death to the Heavenly City itself. Indeed it transforms the Valley of the Shadow of Death into the gates of the City.

Remember that every detail of your life is under my control and that all things therefore work to your good. Be faithful, and I will be faithful too. I am faithful even when you are not.

I have told you many times that this is your ministry. You have no other. There may be many things you will do as a result of this ministry, but they will not be your ministry - this patient following of my Way step by step is your ministry. Your ministry at this moment is to write these words. Not because writing words is your ministry but because it is the current step on the Way - and the Way is your ministry.

I emphasize these points over and over again because they are of the utmost importance. Remember that anything you do, good or evil, which is not part of the following of the Way is displeasing to me. You can only please me by following the Way. If you follow the Way you can do nothing other than please me. I will be pleased as much by the little things as by the big things. There is nothing you could do at this very moment which would be more pleasing to me than writing these words. Not if you were to give all your money to the poor or give your life for my Gospel. One day of course you may be called to do these things - but not this moment.

Remember these words of mine. Re-read them often. 

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