Is this what it's supposed to be like?
Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 10:00PM
Si Fractus Fortis in Daily Life, God's Will, Sanctity, Surrender

My son, the question on your mind is “Is this what it’s supposed to be like?” You feel frustrated because yesterday you did not feel that you were floating through life buoyed up by the Spirit of God. But did I not warn you yesterday that what you feel does not matter. The important things are obedience and faithfulness. If you look at yesterday in that light you will see it very differently.

It is the same with today. You do not feel that you are doing well. You feel frustrated rather than peaceful. Yet you have done what I said - you made your resolution at the start of the day to follow my Way throughout the day and you have done what has presented itself to you as the Way. What else could you have done to please me?

Ignore your frustration. You must learn to work through it. Although you think you are acting just the same as before, you have a radical difference of heart. To you it is now my Way that is important. 

You are also haunted by the question “Have I got it right?” You want assurance that this is in fact the right way to proceed - that you haven’t been misleading yourself. This is something that can only be answered by continuing on the Way. Assurance will come.

You have read enough in the writings of the saints to know that “assurances” and “consolations” are to be valued very low. The greatest growth comes in the times when assurances and consolations are removed.

You have also some specific areas of concern. You worry about the work that needs to be done, the disorder in your life, the future - especially in terms of money. You know that you need to earn more money, but I do not appear to be guiding you to do so. Instead you are kicking your heels in inactivity. In all these concerns I say “Have faith” and “Be faithful”. Do you think I cannot change all these things overnight if I wish? Indeed I will change them very soon if you remain faithful - and in ways that will surprise you.

There is another area in which you have questions and that is about your thoughts. Should following the Way not only affect your actions but also your thoughts? After all, the thoughts which you write here are my thoughts - should you not also be having these thoughts during the day? These thoughts are diferent from your own thoughts which tend to be worries, questions, concerns.

This is indeed a legitimate cause of concern to you. You have read St Paul where he says “bring every thought captive to Christ Jesus”. You have wondered what this means in practice and at times tried to obey it literally. But understand that the mind of Christ is precisely the Way that I have outlined to you. The Way of intention and faith. What is important is your intention and your faith. If these are right your thoughts will fall in line.

Now do you understand? There is nothing hidden - the Way is clear. Follow in the Way and you will be following me. You may feel now that nothing is happening, but you will find soon enough that that is not the case.

So in answer to your first question: “Yes, this is the way it is supposed to be.” At one stage yesterday evening you lost your intention. When that happens, it is sufficient simply to bring yourself back by re-affirming your intention and starting to act out of it again.   

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