Friday, November 20, 2009 at 10:54PM
Si Fractus Fortis

My son, you have been wandering away from me and have taken no notice of what I have said to you. Why do you despise what I said? Do you imagine that I have promised you instant perfection? And yet you would have instant perfection if you were really to follow the path I outlined to you.

In the meantime you have discovered only how barren every other path is. You have turned from one thing to another, only to find that each one leads equally to nowhere. Do not despair - that is a good lesson to have learned.

You have also discovered that it is quite possible to live in the right way if only you set your mind to it and pick yourself up whenever you fall. The secret is a simple one - persistance. I have said that to you often before. Just as you write these words, so you can live your life - as it comes from my Spirit to you.

I have no other command to give you. Everything else you will find by doing. He who does the Will of the Father shall know the Truth. You can theorise and theologise as much as you like, but it is only in the doing that you will learn the Truth. I am the Truth - follow me.

You are always wanting to do better. You want to stand out. You want to be special. All these wishes are delusions. They are all ways of puffing yourself up. Even in writing this you are thinking about how great it will look on your blog - how others will admire you. Truly there is nothing to admire about you. You cannot avoid sin even for a moment without my grace. And in what way have you merited my grace? In no way at all.

My word to you is only this - do as I have said to you, and worry about nothing else.

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