Following One Day at a Time
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 04:24PM
Si Fractus Fortis

My son, you have brought yourself into the depths of despair because you have ignored what I have said to you. You cannot live any other way and expect there to be any blessing on your life. I have made that clear to you but you still ignore it. When did I ever tell you that it would be easy? You must work through the difficulties.

Let me once again make clear to you what you must do.

First, dedicate yourself to doing my will in the morning as you start your day. You establish your INTENT to do my will.

Then you act in the BELIEF that you are doing my will.

Whenever your INTENT or your BELIEF waver, then you must re-affirm them. See your actions throughout the day as my will unfolding.

Now I am well aware that you need a great degree of faith and trust in order to do this. You have to overcome your feelings of frustration and worry that things won’t get done. So that brings me to the third and final part of what you need to do: PERSEVERE. You are always looking for the instant answer. I understand why that is - you need re-assurance that you are on the right path.

The important thing is to follow me one day at a time. Set your intention for the one day only. You have started to follow me today by writing these pages. Continue to follow me for the rest of the day. Just watch my will unfold, trusting that it is indeed my will - how could it be otherwise? As long as you have the intent to do my will all will be well.

Then renew your intention the following day. Take it one day at a time. Do not let anything take you away from it. If you feel that you cannot hear me in the midst of the distractions of daily life then still persevere. If you still have the intent and the faith then you can be assured that all is well whatever the outer circumstances appear to be.

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