Unexpected things
Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 04:10PM
Si Fractus Fortis

This now the third full day since I’ve made the commitment to “The Gift of Oneself”, and not surprisingly nothing spectacular has happened. But nevertheless there have been some themes appearing - some of them quite unexpected:

1) I’ve been saying the Liturgy of the Hours rather than any of the older breviaries. I don’t much like the Liturgy of the Hours, so this is perhaps a sign that God wants me to conform to the Church as it is, rather than my imagined idea of what it ought to be.

2) I’ve got going again on learning German, Spanish and Portuguese, which are the languages of the countries which I will be going on pilgrimage to next year.

3) I’ve been studying photography - now why God would want me to do that is a mystery to me - but perhaps it is connected with next year’s travels.

4) I’ve been studying the Book of Revelation in the Orthodox Study Bible - looking up all the references.

5) I’ve started reading the Catholic Bible Dictionary (Scott Hahn) from cover to cover - again looking up all the references.

The last time I tried to follow “The Gift of Oneself” I found that my life had become much more spacious and that many of my backlogs of work were cleared up almost immediately. This doesn’t seem to be happening this time. But it’s not really concerning me - whatever God decides to send to me is fine by me.

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