Wednesday, January 6, 2010 at 09:25AM
Si Fractus Fortis

After writing last night’s blog entry, I started to read back through the blog and came to something I’d written in 2007 about Obedience. Here is a short extract (as if Christ is speaking):

Asking what my will is is not the only method for obeying my will in detail, but it is the best one for you at the moment. And it is the one I want you to follow. Accept its disadvantages as part of your submission to my will.

I realised on re-reading this that I had been entirely disobedient to what had been said - no wonder I’ve been having such problems!

I also realised that what I had written there gave me the answer to the problem that I have had with Schryvers’ method - it’s often very difficult to hear what God is saying. It is much easier if both the question and the answer are verbalised. So rather than just “raising my eyes for a moment to the Divine Master”, I intend to keep asking the question “What will you have me do, Lord?” and verbalising the reply.

Like this:

Q. What will you have me do, Lord?

A. Publish this blog entry.

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