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Neglected at the time

Reading back through this blog, I found the extract below which after I wrote it I rather neglected and forgot about very quickly. Now I’m beginning to think it was the most important post that I made during the life of the blog.

I don’t think I’m the only person who feels that the papal conclave, which is in process at the moment, is the start of a hugely important phase in the life of the Church (and hence all of us) - in fact a life or death struggle.

The issues are quite clear in my mind. In fact there is only one issue, which is whether the Church is about acting or about being.

Maybe the Lord is bringing this passage back to my mind because I am going to need it.

One of the things that I learnt over the last month was that the methods I have been using to follow God’s will are very difficult to apply when on holiday. Actually they are very difficult to apply at any time - but virtually impossible on holiday!

Instead I learned a very simple way of keeping myself on the right path. That was to ask myself regularly throughout the day “Is this God’s will?” without seeking for a precise answer. What I found was that my actions would change in response to the question, a bit like a sailing boat responding to the helm.

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