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When I asked "What is thy will, Lord?" just now, the answer was "Write down what I have to say to you". This is what I wrote:

Write what I have to say. I want to talk to you about the path you are following. It is very important that you understand what I am saying and are faithful to it. I gave you the vision of one perfect action building on the perfect action that goes before. As you have already realised, this is dependant on all the actions being in accordance with my will. A constant stream of such actions. If even one action is outside the chain and breaks it, the whole is set back. If you want to be able to do my will for real, as opposed to just messing around with it, you have got to concentrate on keeping the chain unbroken. I cannot emphasise too much that if you don’t keep the chain unbroken you will never succeed in achieving what I want you to achieve.

This doesn’t mean that everything you do has to be perfect, or that you can’t recover from faults and setbacks. What is does mean is that I can only use you if I can rely on you. How can I rely on you? By your constant prayers that my Spirit will enable you to keep that chain unbroken.

The less you know about what I intend to do through you the better. Any knowledge that you have will only result in your trying to do it through your own strength. And it will cause you to lose heart also because you will think it is impossible. Far better for you just to know one step at a time what is needed.

You are frustrated at the moment because you see all around you the signs of decay and frustration. Keep asking what my will is and you will be amazed how fast they disappear. Have you not noticed already that your lawn is mown, your hedge cut, your email dealt with, and most of your backlog of paper cleared? Now you will see just how I can act when a human being is prepared to open himself to my will. Think of Abraham, and Moses, and David, and I myself doing the will of my Father. But think too of the setbacks when they did not do my will, and think too of the unimaginable consequences if I had deviated from my Fathers will for even a second.

Asking what my will is is not the only method for obeying my will in detail, but it is the best one for you at the moment. And it is the one I want you to follow. Accept its disadvantages as part of your submission to my will.

And now I want you to publish this on your weblog.

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